To develop an iPhone application from scratch is not as easy as people think. However, it also other people as much as what I think about it, it is not difficult. You will need to anyone interested in the iPhone application development process, it is not free. Investment in the SDK or Software Development Kit. It shows how this kit, you are really good with all relevant procedures, to develop an iPhone application. And the time to write this article in order to get the application to load publication from iTunes, you need to pay a membership fee equal to $ 99. However, you, you If you are developing an iPhone app for small business local or ready-to-use and fully available can bypass the need to learn programming or coding platform. One of the biggest costs in the process of developing iPhone apps to buy Macs. Is true for those who do not yet Mac. But already registered Apple Developer and SDK tutorials or individuals can continue reading the SDK module. Make sure to read all the details at every stage. All procedures you need to know. The application is certainly suspicious to you, asking for help or confuse you, please do not hesitate if things never who can help you with the development of technology in the process of requirements. Steps to create a iPhone application You can develop your ideas. Get a Mac. Apple registered developers. You can get access to the Cell Phone Spy Software Development Kit. Download Xcode. Development Kit by using a template, you can create the first iPhone application. You can learn goal-C and Cocoa. Objective-C application program. IPhone simulator to test your application. Load your application and you can get it from the iTunes dues must be paid. Members and the Apple community can develop self-created applications to test the app. Try accepted for approval, once approved and submitted to the App. Posted by admin in Iphone Application